Buy Underfloor Heating Tile Adhesive, Self Levelling Compound and Primers

Buy Underfloor Heating Tile Adhesive, Self Levelling Compound and Primers

UnderfloorHeatingExpress are experts in the field and stock an extensive range of both electric and water systems kits, from budget friendly systems, to superior quality brand name expensive systems from manufacturers such as HEATMISER, GRUNDFOS, WILO and DOW STYROFOAM.

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Adhesives for Electric and Water Underfloor Heating Systems

Conclusively speaking, the are two different types of underfloor heating are water (hydronic) and electric. It's logical to consider the first things to consider when choosing the correct adhesive would be:

Subflooring. A subfloor can be solid (in most cases concrete) or wooden, so it's important to understand that certain adhesive types are only specifically compatible with specific subfloors.

UFH - Underfloor heating systems. The secondary consideration factor that influences your buying choice is the individual type of the underfloor heating system you will be using.
Let’s discuss the electric systems first.

Electric Underfloor Heating Adhesives

Adhesives for electric underfloor heating systems are available in either loose electric heating cables (Loose Wire) or alternatively, electric cables contained within heating mats.

Underfloor Heating Tile Adhesive Self Leveling Compound Compatible Primer London UK Water Hydronic Electric Heating Mats Electrical UFH Systems Tilefix

Underfloor Electric Cable Installations

Cabling wire systems require the spacing to be carried out by hand by the installer to ensure heat distribution is even throughout the entire floor surface.

Alternatively, matted systems demonstrate a pre-spaced cable which is either attached directly to the heating mat. Underfloor heating aluminium foil mats are suitable for all types of wooden floors, including; laminate, floorboards, engineered wood and solid wood. For maximum heat output, use our XPS insulation boards, or buy tile backed boards to be laid on the subfloor underneath.

As previously mentioned, what defines a flexible tile adhesive with performance properties for underfloor heating is a high polymer adhesive. Adhesives with contain a large amount of polymer demonstrate better endurance with drastic changes in high or low temperatures. Furthermore, the temperatures at which polymer rich adhesives comply with European Standards testing are far more rigid and comprehensive when compared to the temperature at which you will heat your floor; regardless of how cold the British weather rages outside.

UnderfloorHeatingExpress adhesives comply with European Standards making them a safe option for UFH. However, some adhesives within our branded range are better for some systems than others.

Currently we have an offer of a FREE mini roller with 5L of underfloor primer.

Underfloor Heating Tile Adhesive Self Leveling Compound Compatible Primer London UK Water Hydronic Electric Heating Mats Electrical UFH Systems Adhesive
Let's consider an electric underfloor system that sits within a deep 50-100mm bed of screed, your floor surface is less likely to be affected by sub-floor movements. This is as a result of the considerable depth of screed and distance between the subfloor and the floor surface finish. Therefore it's logical to assume that a flexible inscreed tile adhesive such as UltraTile Pro-Rapid Set is the perfect asset for such an installation.

Underfloor Electric Water Mats Installation

By contrast, should you decide to fit UFH mats and loose wire heating systems, as they only sit a few millimetres above the subfloor thus are very close to the final finish of the floor.

When fitting and installing a tile floor finish such as tiles as it sits very close to the sub-floor, it's recommended to use UFH floor levellers where necessary.

Buy a flexible adhesive than standard adhesive products to handle seasonal weather sub-floor movements which may occur in extremes of temperature and/or footfall
Choose an adhesive containing high polymer considerations in order to deal with frequent temperature changes coming from the UFH system.

We recommend the UltraTile Pro-Rapid Set as it demonstrates coping capabilities perfectly matched to these criteria:

Features: The Pro Rapid Set is a very high flexible tile adhesive for wooden floors with an elevated level of asymmetry meaning that it works superb when overlaid timber sub-floors - which have a tendency to move much more than concrete sub-floors during annual cyclic UK temperature changes.

Furthermore to add to this, it demonstrates a 2.5hr setting time, which is tremendous advantage for small areas as your working area will be dry quickly once you complete your installation.

Please note that the adhesive mentioned above may be more suitable for various types of flooring installations than others for certain reasons; This type of adhesive is compatible with Loose Wire (Cabling) and Tile Mat systems, and a both are able to perform exceptionally well on wooden subfloors and/or in warehouses, receptions and other large areas where the comfort of heat is required.

Adhesives for Water Underfloor Heating Systems

The difference now is that water underfloor heating creates heat from an alternative source when compared to electric systems; the former operates by heating up water, the latter heats up metal cabling.

Important note: The fundamental difference between water systems and electric systems purely in structure causes water floor heating systems to be larger and assume a significantly larger space than electric underfloor heating systems.

In simple terms this means that for the majority of hydronic (water) systems a more flexibly enhanced tile adhesive is essential when compared to an electric system. Do bear in mind that the adhesive properties required from the flexible tile adhesive are the same for hydronic underfloor systems as they are manufactured specifically for electric systems:

Water Underfloor Heating Kits - Hydronic Systems and Parts

Hydronic UFH kits, or “water underfloor systems” as either of them are the same, are constructed of warm water pipes which can either be installed within the actual floor screeding or contained within preformed underfloor floor panels. This type of pipe is then installed throughout the subfloor to cover the target heated floor area.

New Build Homes and Water UFH

Warm water systems are most popular in new build houses and properties by reason that they are the easiest to install when constructing the building floor. Should you be looking for an alternative you can buy thin water pipes online from us with FREE UK SHIPPING should you be renovating or conducting a retro fit in a property floor.

Electrical floor heating is the the second type of radiant heat available, usually this comes in one of two forms: UFH heating mats and UFH loose cable wiring. Both of these are laid directly onto the subfloor or alternatively on insulation boards that will have been previously laid on the sub-floor.

Each heating system has a difference in requirements of its tile adhesive capabilities so ensure you
to choose the appropriate adhesive, otherwise you can face disastrous consequences which would ultimately negatively affect your overall practice of heating your floors. Call for FREE expert advice on 020 7183 2784

Underfloor Heating Preparation

Project preparation begins with selecting the right materials that suit the project specifications. High quality materials will demonstrate long lasting and dependable heating results. In advance of starting your start underfloor heating installation feel free to Send A Message to verify:

The project specs: Be sure to fully understand the requirements of your chosen project is the key in selecting the best materials.

UFH Kit and parts selection: 

Ensure that the materials that you purchase are tested to European Standards - all UnderfloorHeatingExpress parts have guarantee and warranty that proffers you a new, replacement system in the rare cases something is not quite right.

Flooring Installation instructions: Use a qualified electrician. Ensure and oversee that the manufacturer’s installation instructions are followed appropriately when mixing the adhesives and throughout all procedures for the underfloor heating system.

Remember that every heating system is installed in different ways, so it is paramount to follow the manufacturer’s directions in the manuals whether or not you have installed a slightly different system historically.

Warning: Be prudent and note that most of kit and equipment warranties will be null and void should the instructions outlined in their manuals have not been adhered to.

Underfloor Heating Products and Installation Summary

When researching for the most flexible tile adhesive for your UFH project bear in mind:

Purchase only adhesives that are clearly marketed as European Standard compliance
Accustom yourself with adhesive labels and differing coding thereof
Always buy a higher than average polymer level for the UFH adhesive ebable varying demands when it's normal to expect frequent temperature changes as the seasons change.
Buy a quality adhesive that's very flexible to withstand all manner of sub-floor movement.

 Underfloor Heating Tile Adhesive Self Leveling Compound Compatible Primer London UK Water Hydronic Electric Heating Mats UFH Systems