15mm Eurocone Pipe Connectors For Underfloor Heating Manifolds (Pack of 10)

15mm Eurocone Pipe Connectors For Underfloor Heating Manifolds (Pack of 10)

16mm x 16mm coupling

16mm x 16mm coupling

Underfloor Heating Low Profile Plastic Castellated Egg Crate Floor Panel for 15mm,16mm,17mm Pipe (Min 60 Panels)

Underfloor Heating Plastic Castellated Floor Panels (Min 60 Panels)

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(Min 60 panels)


The Castellated floor panels allows for a fast installation together with accurate fixing of underfloor heating pipes. The design allows the pipe to be held securely in place by the castellated knobs. It also acts as a pipe fixing template ensuring accurate spacing of pipes allowing a even heat distribution. They are lightweight and can be easily cut to size to fit any room shape. The underfloor heating pipes can be fitted and securely held in position before and during the laying of the floor screed.

The trays are provided in black, and can be neatly overlapped to create a fully interlocking continuous grid floor panel ready for the pipes which can be fixed at 100, 150, 200 and 250mm pipe centres.

Features and Benefits

• Total size 1250mm x 850mm x 20mm

• Suitable for 15mm, 16mm, and 17mm pipes

• Pipe Centres can be at 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250 mm

• Easy to install • Made from Recycled High Impact Polystyrene

• Minimum amount of waste

• Eliminates pipe contact with insulation

• Each panel will cover approx 1 square metre

• Colour - black

Minimum quantity available is 60, as they are delivered on pallet(s). Please note you must be able to receive them in this way when delivered.

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