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Water Underfloor UFH Heating Kits UK Manifolds Pumps, Underfloor Pipes

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Water underfloor heating (UFH) , also known as wet underfloor heating or hydronic underfloor heating systems are proving a very popular choice for those who are extending or undertaking a new build project.  As the system uses water for heating, it is plumbed into almost any heating system such as a gas boiler or oil central heating, or a sustainable heat source such as a heat pump or solar thermal panels.
Our range of water underfloor heating systems is available for same day collection from our London underfloor heating shop, or you can get next day delivery if ordered before 1pm (Monday – Friday)

Benefits of water underfloor heating

Water underfloor heating is ideally suited to new builds or renovation projects.  This is because it is installed in conjunction with your main heat source and, as it often replaces radiators, it causes some disruption to existing décor.
As water underfloor heating removed the need for radiators, it takes up very little space in your room and helps achieve a clean aesthetic in your interior design.  Many people choose water underfloor heating because it offers luxurious comfort that you simply cannot get with other heating systems. When designed and installed correctly, water underfloor heating is a very efficient way to heat your room.

Underfloor heating suppliers in London – UK delivery

Most of our stock is available for same day collection from our underfloor heating shop in London.  We carry a full range of kits and accessories such as manifolds, underfloor heating pipe, pumps, pipe clips, aluminium spreader plates, castellated egg crate floor panelling and much more. 


Water Underfloor Heating CAD design
We offer full CAD designs for underfloor heating which will include a heating pipe layout and full quotation.  There is a 24 hour lead time on getting the CAD design back to you so please bear this in mind when sending us information.

Water Underfloor Heating vs. Electric Underfloor Heating?

The answer to this really lies on what type of heating upgrade you are undertaking.  As wet underfloor heating is linked to your boiler (or integrated with another heating system) and often replaces radiators it is best suited to a new build or renovation project.  It also requires the expertise of a plumber to carry out the installation safely. Because it runs in conjunction with a heating system is can be very efficient.
Electric underfloor heating can be installed by anyone and is separate from an existing heating system, running purely on electricity.  It is ideal if you are just renovating a single room in the house such as a kitchen or bathroom but don’t want to carry out any work on your plumbing or existing heating system.

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