Single Zone Standard Output Kit - covers 10m² - 100m²

Kit includes multi-layers pipe, single zone pump pack, clips,pipe fittings, edging insulation and pipe cutter.
Grundfos A-Rated UPM3 High Efficiency Pump(Black Colour).

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Standard Output Water Underfloor Heating Kit with Grundfos Pump Temperature Mix Unit

We supply 16mm 5 multilayer pipe which can be laid to suit Standard or High Output. For Standard Output lay pipes with approx 25cm spacing, which will give you 115w per square metre. For High Output, lay pipes with approx 20cm spacing, which will give you 125w per square metre.

100m pipe length will cover Standard Output up to 30m2 and High Output up to 25mkits.


What included in the kit:

  • Grundfos UPM3 Pump ('A' rated, latest model) with Temperature Control Mixing Unit.
  • 16mm - 5 Multilayers Pipe (which can be cut to size)
  • Edge insulation to be used around the edge of room.
  • Pipe Cutter.
  • Pipe Staple Clips, compatible with tracker gun or use manually to clip.


Use the table to see what is included in your kit

Area Size Manifold Port(s) Thermostatic Control Grundfos Pump No. of Connectors Pipe Length  Pipe Clips Edge Insulation Cutter
12m² 1 yes yes 2 100m 200 25m yes
15m² 1 yes yes 2 100m 200 25m yes
17m² 1 yes yes 2 100m 200 25m yes
20m² 1 yes yes 2 100m 200 25m yes
22m² 1 yes yes 2 100m 200 25m yes
25m² 2 yes yes 4 200m 300 50m yes
27m² 2 yes yes 4 200m 300 50m yes
30m² 2 yes yes 4 200m 300 50m yes
40m² 2 yes
yes 4 200m 400 50m yes
50m² 3 yes yes 6 300m 500 50m yes
60m² 3 yes yes 6 300m 600 50m yes
70m² 4 yes yes 8 400m 700 50m yes
80m² 4 yes yes 8 400m 800 50m yes
90m² 5 yes yes 10 500m 900 50m yes
100m² 5 yes yes 10 500m 1000 100m yes



Key Features 

Supplied pre-mounted on installation brackets

Connections are euroconus and a range of fittings are available to suit most UK pipe sizes

Usual working temperature 82 C

Max working temperature 105 C

Max working pressure 3 bar

Max test pressure 10 bar

Easy Fitting

Manufactured to highest standards to meet all UK and EU standards

Pump Pack - Grundfos Pump with Mixer Blending Valve 

Grundfos A-rated Pump UPM3

Mixer Set Blending Valve

Thermostatic control the flow temperature of water to the underfloor heating pipe.

Temperature range: 35C - 65C

Compression type connections for ease of installation




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