Electric Underfloor Heating Running Costs

Electric Underfloor Heating Running Costs



The running cost of electric underfloor heating depends on many factors, including the room size, the running time of the heat mat, as well as the insulation effect of the room.


The running costs have been based on a standard electricity price of 12.37p/kWh (ScottishPower,2019)  https://www.ukpower.co.uk/home_energy/tariffs-per-unit-kwh

Please see the table below.



Time on (Hour) 1㎡ 1.5㎡ 2㎡ 2.5㎡ 3㎡ 4㎡ 5㎡ 6㎡ 7㎡ 8㎡ 9㎡ 10㎡ 11㎡ 12㎡   Cost /unit /kWh w/㎡
1 1.14p 1.71p 2.28p 2.85p 3.42p 4.56p 5.70p 6.84p 7.98p 9.12p 10.26p 11.4p 12.54p 13.68p   13p 150
2 2.16p 3.21p 4.27p 5.40p 6.48p 8.64p 10.80p 12.96p 15.12p 17.28p 19.44p 21.6p 23.76p 25.92p      
3 3.08p 4.61p 6.15p 7.70p 9.24p 12.32p 15.40p 18.48p 21.56p 24.64p 27.72p 30.8p 33.88p 36.96p      
4 4.03p 6.04p 8.06p 10.07p 12.09p 16.12p 20.15p 24.18p 28.21p 32.24p 36.27p 40.3p 44.33p 48.36p      
5 4.99p 7.49p 9.99p 12.47p 14.97p 19.96p 24.95p 29.94p 34.93p 39.92p 44.91p 49.9p 54.89p 59.88p      
6 5.88p 8.82p 11.75p 14.70p 17.64p 23.52p 29.40p 35.28p 41.16p 47.04p 52.92p 58.8p 64.68p 70.56p      
7 6.93p 10.39p 13.86p 17.32p 20.79p 27.72p 34.65p 41.58p 48.51p 55.44p 62.37p 69.3p 76.23p 83.16p      
8 7.83p 11.74p 15.66p 19.57p 23.49p 31.32p 39.15p 46.98p 54.81p 62.64p 70.47p 78.3p 86.13p 93.96p      


 There is one more step to save costs - Placing insulation board

By placing a thin layer of thermal insulation underneath the heating mat, it can prevent heat loss downwards, which speeds up the warm-up time and minimises heat loss.


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                                         insulation board 2                             

XPS insulation boards are designed specifically for use with electric underfloor heating systems, very high compressive strength (30 tonnes / m2), lightweight, high efficiency, and low cost make this thermal board an ideal choice when fitting heating on to a poorly insulated concrete or screed base and works excellently with underfloor heating underwood and under tile systems. Insulation boards come with a 50-year warranty.

  • Thermal highly compressed boards
  • Size - 1200mm x 600mm (0.72m²)
  • Lightweight, high efficiency
  • Perfect for concrete or screeded floor
  • Suitable for evenly laid wooden floorboards
  • Available in 6mm and 10mm thickness


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insulation board 2

Tile backer insulation boards provide first-class heat insulation for underfloor heating and superb waterproof surface to afix tiles. The XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) the board is coated with a reinforced cement-based flexible mortar ensuring the easiest of fitting and tiling.

  • Perfect for wooden/subfloors on top of joists
  • Size - 1200mm x 600mm (0.72m²)
  • Available in 6mm and 10mm thickness
  • XPS insulation board is sandwiched between reinforced cement
  • Premium engineered


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