Why Buy From Underfloor Heating Express?

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  • Extensive range of High quality products
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee - 30 days return policy
  • Up to 50 year warranty on products
  • Products CE certified, to meet with UK and EU standards
  • Price Match Offer

Underfloor Heating Express Price Match Promise

At Underfloor Heating Express, we understand the importance of providing an impeccable service but also the most competitive prices on the market. We consider ourselves to be one of the industry leaders when it comes to supplying underfloor heating solutions and that means that many clients trust us time and time again. 

However, while we understand the importance of great service, we never overlook the importance of cost. Searching for the best prices is something that we expect our clients to do. We also know that they are also willing to forfeit our great service to obtain cheaper prices but this is where we can help with our Price Match Promise.

How We Do It

Shopping around is all part and parcel of the purchasing process but we are committed to ensuring our clients not only benefit from our expertise but also the lowest and most competitive prices out there.

So, if you can find a cheaper, competitive quote then let us know and we will price match. We keep it simple, ensuring that you have access to the latest products, the best prices and our first-class commitment that sets us apart.

What Does It Cover?

The great thing about our Price Match Promise is that we do things differently. We don’t stipulate that it has to be a like-for-like match. We offer you flexibility by giving you access to our Price Match Promise offer across a range of brands that we offer at Underfloor Heating Express. This means that you can choose from our extensive range of products, giving you more scope and versatility when it comes to finding products that fit your exact needs.

The only product that will be included in a like-for-like price match is the Grundfos UPM3 as this is a key part of the Underfloor Heating system. This means that we will match the same brand and model. However, all other products will be offered based on the quality and level of the product. This means that you might find a certain brand somewhere else but find that we offer an alternative that offers the same or more for the same price. It’s as simple as that, but it doesn’t stop there.

We also have our own branded products and these are also included in the price promise. This is because underfloor heating systems, regardless of the parts are all designed to fit your project or property and so, we can offer our branded products as part of our like-for-like quote. 

Along with this, shipping will also be taken into account with the total final price matching that of quotes from other suppliers. 

If you’re looking for underfloor heating products and solutions then it pays to have a company that you can rely on. At Underfloor Heating Express, we believe that we offer the most comprehensive range of products around. However, a great range of products is sure to set us apart but there is more to it and that’s why we’re about to explain how you can benefit from choosing to use us as your suppliers.

Underfloor Heating Kits and Products - Same Day Despatch

Whether you’re working on a new project or you require a certain part, we understand the importance of efficiency. Our customers don’t want to wait days for delivery as that can delay deadlines and even increase project costs. Therefore, if you order with us by 2 pm, we will ensure that we despatch your products that very day. 

We’re Experienced

We’re not newcomers when it comes to the world of underfloor heating. What this means is that we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. Therefore, we understand what it means to customers to have access to the best products and the best service. We have a team of experts who deliver the perfect service, ensuring our customers get exactly what they want when they want it!

Personal, Friendly and Expert Advice

Selling products isn’t enough for us because we know that our customers want more. What good is a product without support or advice? As a result, whether you have a query about a specific product or the right product for your project, we have a team of knowledgeable people who are ready and waiting to help. We won’t push you to buy our products or try to entice you into upgrading. We take a simplified approach, with the aim of ensuring each and every customer is fully informed, regardless of what stage they are at with their project.

The Best UFH Products

Settling for second best is something that we won’t accept so why should you? What this means is that we always stock the latest products, giving our customers access to the newest items on the market. We appreciate the importance of having a reliable underfloor heating system which is why we only offer the best.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether it’s after-sales support, help and advice or our assistance in finding a product, we strive to offer the best in customer service and satisfaction. We offer a 30 days return policy and if you are not satisfied with a product then we are more than happy to exchange it or refund it within 30 days of receipt.

So, it’s clear to see that Underfloor Heating Express goes above and beyond to offer the complete service that our customers deserve.

Like for Like Price Match Promise

We truly believe that we offer the best service around but we also look to offer something different which is why our price match promise will really set the tone. We don't offer this on a like-for-like price basis but we also offer it on a like-for-like basis based on functionality. We aim to do things differently which means you can find the perfect products for the best prices around.

Whether you’re looking for like-for-like products or like-for-like functionality, our Price Match Promise offer ensures that you always pay the most competitive price and still benefit from our expertise. We are always on hand to provide our professional advice and guidance when it comes to ensuring you have access to the latest products and solutions for your underfloor heating system.