Stainless Steel Manifolds Complete Kit 2-12 Ports + 'A' Rated Grundfos / Wilo Pump Mixing Valve Pack

2-12 Ports with Flow Metres and Temp Gauge
12/15/16/17/20 mm Pipe Fittings Available
Wilo Yonos PARA Pump(A-Rated)

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 (Picture is for illustration only, Grundfos pump is the black colour UPM3 High Efficiency Pump)

Stainless Steel Manifolds Complete Kit 2-12 Ports + 'A' Rated Grundfos / Wilo Pump Pack

  • Stainless steel
  • Compress fittings/ easy to install
  • Available with up to 12 ports
  • Supplied pre-mounted on installation brackets
  • Flow meters
  • Valves on return manifold accepts a thermoelectric type head for remote control of each zone
  • Connections are euroconus and a range of fittings are available to suit most UK pipe sizes
  • Usual working temperature 82 C
  • Max working temperature 105 C
  • Max working pressure 3 bar
  • Max test pressure 10 bar
  • Manifold comes with 5 years warranty


Compress Fitting Pump Pack - Grundfos A-rated UPM3 Pump or Wilo A-rated Pump with Mixer Set Blending Valve)


  • Temperature range: 35C - 65C


  • Max working pressure: 10 bar


  • Compression type connections for ease of installation


  • UK Version, 230V


  •  Pump comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty


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