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Loose Underfloor Heating Cable Kit - 150W Per Sqm

Loose Underfloor Heating Cable Kit - 200W Per Sqm

Loose Heating Cable Kit- 200W Per Sqm

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Our system consists of a 230V 200w per square metre cable which can be rolled out and to fit any shape room. Within the cable is a thin 2.0 mm heating cable. The cable should be laid directly under the surface to be heated, taped down and then tiled over. You may wish to add self-leveling screed or cover it with a thin layer of tile adhesive to ensure that the surface is flat. 


Cable spacing;

To achieve 100w output per sqm = 18cm

To achieve 150w output per sqm = 12cm

To achieve 200w output per sqm = 9cm


Use the table below to decide what length of cable you require

Cable Length Total Output 100w per m2 150w per m2 200w per m2 
11.1m 200w 2 m2 1.3 m2 1 m2
16.7m 300w 3m2 2 m2 1.5 m2
22.2m 400w 4 m2 2.6 m2 2 m2
27.8m 500w 5 m2 3.3 m2 2.5 m2
33.3m 600w 6 m2 4 m2 3 m2
38.9m 700w 7 m2 4.6 m2 3.5 m2
44.4m 800w 8 m2 5.3 m2 4 m2
50m 900w 9 m2 6 m2 4.5 m2
55.5m 1000w 10 m2 6.66 m2 5 m2
66.6m 1200w 12 m2 8 m2 6 m2
77.7m 1400w 14 m2 9.33 m2 7 m2
88.8m 1600w 16 m2 10.66 m2 8 m2
99.9m 1800w 18 m2 12 m2 9 m2
111m 2000w 20 m2 13.33 m2 10 m2
133.2m 2400w 24 m2 16 m2 12 m2
140m 2500w 25 m2 16.6 m2 12.5 m2
150m 2700w 27 m2 18 m2 13.5 m2
166.5m 3000w 300 m2 20 m2 15 m2
180m 3240w 32.4 m2 21.6 m2 16 m2


A choice of thermostats are also available, each thermostat has a temperature probe to fit under the floor to ensure your room is heated to the required temperature.


Included in kit:

  1. Selected cable length

  2. Conduit pipe 2 metre

  3. Tape x 1 roll (2cm*50m)

  4. Installation manual



  Included with thermostat:

 1. Floor probe lead 2.5 metre

 2. Installation manual


Technical Data

•Sizes available - 1.3, 1.8, 2, 2.6, 3.3, 4, 4.6, 5.3, 6, 6.6, 8, 9.33, 10.66, 12, 13.33, 16, 16.6, 18, 20, 21.6m²

• Output: 18W/m (-5% to +10%)

• Cable Diameter: 2.0mm

• Max. Ambient Temp: 30°C

• Min. Installation Temp: 5°C

• Rated Voltage: 230V

• Lead Wire Length: 2.5m

• Twin Conductor Heating Cable

• Conductor Insulation Fluoropolymer

• Outer insulation Fluoropolymer

• 50 Year Warranty


Used for:

Heating cable is ideal for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Lounges, Dining rooms and any other areas.


Key Features:

Heating cables utilises modern materials and installation techniques:

• Dual core heating cable technology allows single point connection

• Full earth screen providing electrical safety and peace of mind

• Emits Zero EMF (electromagnetic fields)

• Attached 2.5M connection lead allows connection from one end

• Easily installed on a sound sub floor such as concrete, tile backer boards and marine grade plywood

• Approved to EN60335-2-96 as required by the 17th Edition wiring Regulations, CE Certification and RoHS Compliant

• 50 Year Manufacturer's guarantee against manufacturing defects • Heat output 18W/m for primary heating or floor warming applications

• Low build height • Easy installation

• Suitable for wet areas

• Single point connection

• Durable construction Why buy me:

• CE certified to meet with all the EU and UK standards.


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