Underfloor Heating Foil Mat Kit for Laminate / Wood

Electric Foil Underfloor Heating Mat Kit for Under Wood and Laminate - various size available

Mat is 0.5m wide (eg. 10sqm mat = 0.5m x 20m linear length)

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HeatingMaster™ Electric Foil Heating Mat Pro 140 w/m2 + Thermostat (optional)

Mat is 0.5m wide (eg. 10sqm mat = 0.5m x 20m linear length)

Designed for use under laminate flooring and other floating floor applications 

Our system consists of a 140w per sqm cable mat which can be rolled out and cut to shape to fit any room. Within the mat is a thin 1.0 mm heating cable which is pre-woven into a 500mm wide foil mesh. The mat should be laid directly under the surface to be heated, pressed down under the wooden/laminated floor.

The kit also comes with a choice of a standard, or touchscreen digital LCD thermostat, each has a temperature probe to fit under the floor to ensure your room is heated to just the right temperature. 


Largest mat size is 12m2. When ordering 13m2 or higher, you will receive 2 mats to meet you required size.

To install, join mats parrellel to thermostat.

Example - 16m2 = 2 x 8m2


What included in the kit:

1. 140w Foil heating kit

2. Thermostat of choice (All Thermostats are programable)

3. Floor probe lead 3.0 metre

4. Roll of aluminium tape


Technical Data:

 Sizes available in 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 m²

Width: 0.5 m

Output: 140W/m2 (-5% to +10%)

Cable Spacing: 50 mm (140W/m2)

Cable Diameter: 1.0 mm


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