Choose Between Electric or Water UFH System

Choose Between Electric or Water UFH system

Underfloor heating is great alternative way to radiators to heat your home.

There are many benefits including spacing saving and usually cheaper to run.

There are two main systems to choose from - electric and water. So, which one suits your project best?

Here are a few of the benefits of each to help you decide;


Water Systems


  • More suitable for large rooms and new builds
  • Cheap to run as gas is cheaper than electricity
  • Efficient to run and works at low temperatures..
  • Works with boliers


  • Initial costs can be higher than an electric system
  • More servicing required during life of the system


Electric Systems –


  • Relatively inexpensive to install
  • Beneficial for individual rooms
  • Easier installation for renovation projects
  • Low maintenance
  • Warms rooms quickly



  • Costs more to run (electric more than gas)

If you are still undecided, feel free to give us a call and speak to our technical department for more assistance, or click on the system below you would like to order.


Electric Heating Kit                                                                                                            Water Heating Kit

Heat Mat Kit                                                           water kit