How To Install Vinyl Flooring With Electric Underfloor Heating

How To Install Vinyl Flooring With Electric Underfloor Heating

Many customers are utilising vinyl flooring as an alternative floor finish to laminate, as it is hard wearing, waterproof and recently manufacturers have come up with designs that replicate most types of wood flooring.

The question is 'does vinyl flooring it work with underfloor heating?' The answer is yes, as long as you understand the installation process. Due to the material, you cannot lay the vinyl flooring directly on top of the heat mat, as you do with aluminium heat mats under laminate flooring.

The best way to install, you first need to lay high density foam boards on top of the sub floor. Your heat mat needs to be now laid on top, using 150w output heat mats, or loose cable. Feel free to use our Youtube channel installation video to help measure and order the correct amount of boards and heatmats. (Click here for Youtube installation video). Then lay 10mm latex screed on top of the mats.

Once completely dry and the underfloor heating has been tested, you can now lay your vinyl flooring. Ensure you follow the flooring manufacturers direction how to lay and what adhesive to use. Please also note that the maximum working temperature of the heatmat is 26 degrees. If set higher, the vinyl floor could warp, or curl up over time.


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