Underfloor Heating Retro-fit Using Solid Routed Boards

Underfloor Heating Retro-fit Using Solid Routed Boards

Solid Routed Boards are the easiest way to retro-fit water underfloor heating. The boards already have insulation properties, as they are made from high density XPS foam. Routed channels cut into the board allows the pipe to be laid with less hassle than traditional clips.

To work out how many boards you will need, we suggest using our CAD service to create a pipe layout to help create the best installation solution. You can then use the plan to install the boards in the right place. 

Once floor and pipes are laid, you can apply your liquid screed, which needs to be 5mm - 10mm thick. Ensure every gap is filled in and floor is completely level before applying your final floor covering. The maximum temperature the underfloor heating should be running at is 55 degrees. This will give the floor temperature between 25 - 30 degrees. Always check with your flooring company if you need any additional underlay and what temperature is recommended to run your heating at. 

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