Benifit of Multi Layer Pipe & Oxygen Barrier

Benifit of Multi Layer Pipe & Oxygen Barrier

Water Pipe for your Underfloor Heating System- PERT-AL-PERT

The most popular water pipe choice for your underfloor water system is PERT-AL-PERT.

 The PERT-AL-PERT composes of 5 layers, incorporating layers of PERT and adhesives, encasing an aluminium layer in the middle.

Benefits of using PERT-AL-PERT in underflooring systems

  • The aluminium middle layer acts as the oxygen barrier, preventing corrosion within the system from oxygen that enter via the pipework.
  • The aluminium core also allows the pipe to be positioned and shaped by hand, to maintain this shape, which means that the pipe requires less overall securing to the subfloor or insulation and is less prone to sagging.

Technical Data - PERT-AL-PERT

  • Pipe 12mm inner and 16mm outer. (2mm pipe wall)
  • CE certified to meet with all the EU and UK standards
  • High mechanical strength and durability
  • Easy to cut, bend, and fit High temperature
  • High pressure and corrosion resistance
  • Corrosion free 100% Oxygen barrier
  • Smooth inner surface to reduces resistance to the fluids,make heating warm up quicker
  • 1MPa (10 bar) pressure, temp. 85 degree
  • 50 year warranty